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If you want to add a top drawer document handling system to your office network but would prefer not to purchase it outright, then Digipro offers some other helpful options. Leasing or hiring photocopiers is a smart move for budget conscious start-ups, offices running one-off events or anyone else that would prefer not to tie themselves down to a costly piece of hardware.

Leasing Explained

If you are interested in a photocopier, printer, MFD or scanner that costs more than £1,000, then you may wish to consider leasing the equipment. Rather than purchasing outright in one lump sum, the machine is paid for in quarterly instalments. By spacing out your payments in this way, you can free up space in your short term budget. It is a tax-efficient method of purchasing equipment and also provides an easy upgrade path. You can ensure your equipment is kept up-to-date and you have the freedom to adapt the hardware to the changing needs of your developing business.

The Benefits Of Leasing

Many UK businesses in many different industries now favour the leasing option. By purchasing your equipment on a lease option, you not only help cash-flow by spreading the cost over several months but also benefit from the lowered tax rates of making several payments instead of a single large one.

Then there is the freedom that leasing gives you and your company. In contrast to photocopier leasing, when purchasing outright, the capital amount is effectively tied up in depreciating equipment. DigiPro lease agreements offer real flexibility. Should you feel the need to upgrade your equipment after a period of time you can often revisit the lease agreement and replace the device with little or no effect on your repayments. This allows businesses to adapt their fleet of photocopiers, printers, MFDs and scanners to continuously meet their evolving business needs.

So, leasing represents a flexible, cost effective, low tax way to bring top-of-the-line hardware to your office. This makes it well worth considering, regardless of the size of your workplace.

Why lease from DigiPro?

When you lease a copier from DigiPro, you get to choose from our extensive range of world class devices. We stock machines from all the major photocopier brands, including Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba and Sharp. Plus, you get all the benefits of our renowned after-sales support. Our nationwide network of highly trained support staff are on hand, round the clock, to solve any issues that may crop up during your leasing period before they become problems.

Photocopier Leasing

Can I lease photocopiers?

If you are an established business with a good trading history, then this is almost certainly possible for you. Once we have agreed equipment requirements and cost we will propose the lease to one of our established finance partners (Siemens, GE Capital, BNP Paribas, CIT and more) and establish the most appropriate option for you. Once the normal credit checks and company searches have been performed the lease will be agreed and the new equipment will be on its way to you.

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