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Another Ricoh that puts rival multifunction devices to shame, the C6501SP scores highly with every component, from the 115ipm colour scanning to the 60ppm colour printing. Quality is excellent, and the finishing tools add another layer. Throw in lots of RAM, great paper handling, and a customisable user interface, and this is another great choice.

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The C6501SP combines some of the most powerful scanning (115ipm in colour) and copying facilities with a jaw-dropping 60ppm colour (65ppm mono) printer. The latter also gets the benefit of a searing 1200dpi resolution in which every pixel pulses with life, and a rich and ravishing colour palette. The oil-free PXP Polymerised toner produces a smooth and consistent finish, while finishing tools turn out professional-grade booklets, flyers, inserts and ring binders. It can support up to 7,400 sheets, and 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive offer plenty of room for the juggling of large image-rich files. It's really hard to see the downside in a multifunction device that oozes quality from every pore.

Fully-Fledged Multifunctionality
The C6501 combines fully-fledged multifunctionality with searing performance and robust build to create a model that can devote much of the day to ripping through your toughest workloads. Part of its secret is that blazing turn of speed, allowing it to hit a top speed of 60 pages per minute in colour (65ppm with mono). Such pace would be impressive enough, but it's the versatility of this model that really marks it out. Packing in scanning and copying facilities (and with optional fax) alongside the printer, it makes sure that these features aren't simply there to tick boxes. The scanner, for instance, can reproduce images at the rate of 115 a minute (125ipm with mono), and a 600dpi resolution is there for the most special photographs and articles. The flexible file types allow you to create high compression PDFs, amongst other formats.

Searing Print Facilities
It's hard to get away from the searing print facilities though, particularly given the arresting quality. The resolution support can go as high as 1200dpi, and this is combined with Ricoh's assured reputation for pristine image quality. The glowing colour palette and sharp definition combine to eye-catching effect, and are backed up by the PXP Polymerised toner, joining ultra-fine particles to oil-free composition for the smoothest and most consistent of textures. You also have a choice of outstanding finishing options, letting you transform your documents into professional-grade promotional material with staplers, hole-punchers and booklet finishers. Folding devices create squadrons of neatly assembled flyers and inserts, and you can even insert covers for the truly glossy look.

Vast Paper Handling
Vast paper handling capabilities will keep the Ricoh MP well stocked in media. Even in its standard form, it can hold up to 3,400 sheets. But users with heavyweight demands may take the opportunity to extend this further, adding the 4,000-sheet large capacity tray to take total input to 7,400 sheets. It has acres of memory with which to juggle multiple large files, and 2GB of RAM work alongside a 320GB hard drive. A range of excellent security features protect the integrity of your documents. Temporary information can be erased from the hard drive, while invisible watermarks can be applied to trap copiers. PIN codes can be used to ensure that private files aren't printed out until you're physically there to receive them.

None of this is at all difficult to use, thanks to the colour LCD touch screen. The interface is driven by clear animations that carefully explain the MP C6501SP's most complex features. The device has App2Me preinstalled, and this platform's ability to run Widgets. These single-task applications allow you to customise the interface to suit your own needs, adding one-touch solutions to your most intractable problems. The C6501SP drops easily into most office networks thanks to its ethernet interface, and it can be upgraded to Gigabit, Bluetooth or 802.11/a/b/g Wi-Fi. The Page Description Languages PCL5c and PCL6 are supported as standard, and Adobe PS3 is available as an option.

Most multifunction devices neglect at least one component, but the C6501SP is near the head of its class in every area.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - 29.5" x 33.5" x 43.1" (excluding ARDF)
  • Weight - < 656.9 lb.
  • Warm-Up Time - Less than 90 seconds
  • First Copy Time - Black & white 5.7 seconds /Full-color 7.5 seconds
  • Copy Resolution - 600 x 600 dpi
  • Output Speed - Black & White 65 ppm/ Full Color 60 ppm
  • Duplexing - Standard

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