Sharp MX-C380

Sharp MX-C380 Photocopiers

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It may be compact and very small in footprint, but the MX-C380 packs big power, delivering 38ppm of sparkling colour, exceptional finishing and 2,100-sheet paper handling, and 33opm scanning. High security protects data with very tall fences.

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The stylish MX-C380 is compact and comes with a small 535x438mm footprint, but its lack of girth hides impressive multifunctionality, packing print, scan, copy and (optionally) fax facilities into the one svelte case. The brilliant printer produces 38ppm of spectacular colour, with sparkling 1200dpi output. The optional finisher sorts and staples for high-calibre brochures and leaflets, and potential 2,100-sheet paper handling keeps the media coming. The 33opm scanner impresses with wide file compatibility. Strong security is provided, and the Sharp OSA ratchets up productivity.

Powerful Print Engine
The MX-C380 may be compact, but there's a very powerful print engine beating away there, and 38 pages per minute of the richest most vibrant colour is enough to add magic dust to even the dullest of office documents. That 1200x1200dpi resolution allows for the very best of detail and definition, and it makes as emphatic a job of spreadsheets and text files as it does full technicolour images. The special toner and developer creates a consistent accurate finish time and time again. The optional finisher (carefully designed to keep the footprint small) can sort and staple to create large piles of carefully arranged brochures and leaflets.

Exceptional Scanning
The exceptional scanner can reach speeds of 33 originals per minute, and you can feed in as many as 50 documents in one go. Files can be swiftly turned into advanced formats like XPS and encrypted PDFs, and can be diverted to network folders, FTP servers or batches of email addresses. 38cpm copying is ably handled, with the first copy available in a mere 8-9 seconds. The optional Super G3 fax component saves money and time by allowing you to send and view faxes electronically, and the internet can be used to keep costs reduced further.

Strong Paper Flow
The MXC380 keeps plenty of paper flowing through, teaming a 500-sheet drawer with a 100-sheet multi bypass tray to provide up to 600 sheets as standard. As many as three additional 500-sheet drawers can be bolted on to bring this up to an impressive 2,100 in all. Lots of RAM is needed to allow the MFD to cope with multiple large image-soaked files, and 1GB comes as standard. This will be enough for the majority of offices, although those with really heavy loads may benefit from doubling the memory to 2GB. An 80GB hard drive is built in, and up to 5,500 pages can be given increased protection from unauthorised access. The Gigabit ethernet connection allows for strong networking, and PCL5e/6 is supported as standard, with Adobe PS3 optionally available.

Total Security
The MX380 remains friendly and welcoming, and the 4.3in colour LCD makes it easy to select and explore the many options. The Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture) lets you program repetitive tasks (form filling, storing documents etc..) so that entire sets of instructions can be carried out with the press of a button. But you can also add OSA modules that can track and restrict usage from individuals and/or workgroups, or let users add data to scanned documents or configure and initiate scans from remote applications. The excellent security features include IPv6 and IPsec encryption and authentication, and address filtering controls who does or doesn't have access to the device. Files can be password protected and retained in the memory until the user is at the MFD and ready to receive them. The optional Data Security Kit provides even more sophisticated encryption and data erasure.

It may have a small footprint, but it makes very big tracks, using its pulse-racing colour and meaty paper handling and finishing to weave a resplendent trail formed from high quality prints.


  • Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A4) - 38
  • Engine Speed B/W Ppm (A4) - 38
  • Paper Size- Min.-Max. - A5 - A4
  • Paper Weight (g/m2) - 55 - 209
  • Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets) - 600
  • Paper Capacity - Max. (sheets) 2100
  • Warm Up Time - 90 sec
  • Memory General Min/max - 512MB
  • Memory Printer Min/max - 512 - 1536 MB
  • Harddisk - Standard
  • Harddisk Capacity - 80GB
  • Duplex - Standard
  • Power Requirements - Rated - Local AC Voltage (Hz) 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption - (kW) 1,84
  • Dimensions - 560 X 438 X 714 mm
  • Weight - 46Kg
  • Copier Original Paper Size - Max A4
  • First Copy Out Time Colour - 8,9 sec
  • First Copy Out Time B/W - 8,0 sec
  • E-sort Standard - Yes
  • E-sort Option. - No
  • Continuous Copy - Max. Copies 999
  • Resolution Scan - B/W (dpi) 600 X 600
  • Resolution Scan - Colour (dpi) 600 X 600
  • Resolution Print - (dpi) 1200 X 1200
  • Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W - 2
  • Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour - 256
  • Zoom Range (%) - 50 - 200
  • Preset Copy Ratios - 8
  • Document Feeder Original Capacity (sheets) - 50
  • Scanner Network Scanner (Standard / Option) - Standard
  • Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan - Yes
  • Resolution Push Scan (dpi) - 100, 200, 300, 400, 600
  • Resolution Pull Scan (dpi) - 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 50 To 9600
  • File Formats - XPS, TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG (colour Only)
  • Scanner Utilities - Network Scan Tool, Sharpdesk, Sharp TWAIN
  • Scan Destinations Desktop - Yes
  • Scan Destination FTP, Email - Yes
  • Scan Destination Network Folder - Yes
  • Scan Destination USB Memory - Yes
  • Document Filing Document Filing (Standard / Option) - Standard
  • Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders (pages) - 5500
  • Stored Jobs - Print, Direct Print
  • Storage Folders - Main Folder
  • Confidential Storage - No
  • Printer Resolution (dpi) - 1200 X 1200
  • Network Printer (Standard / Option) - Standard
  • Interface Standard/Opt - Standard USB 2.0, 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
  • Supported OS Standard - Windows 98/ME/NT4.0 SP5 Or Later/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista/Server 2008
  • Supported OS Options - Mac OS 9.2.2/Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4.11/10.5-10.5.1
  • Network Protocols - TCP/IP (IPv4 And IPv6), IPX/SPX (NetWare), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk)
  • Printing Protocols - LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail Printing), HTTP, Novell Printserver Application With NDS And Bindery, FTP For Downloading Print Files, EtherTalk Printing, IPP
  • PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opton - Standard PCL 5c/6, Option PS3 Emulation, XPS
  • Available Fonts - 80 (PCL), 136 (PS3)
  • Fax Fax (Standard / Option) - Option
  • Compression Method - MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
  • Communication Protocol - Super G3
  • Transmission Time (sec) - 3
  • Modem Speed (bps) - 33.600 - 2.400
  • Transmission Resolution - Standard 203,2 X 97,8 Dpi / Extra Fine 406,4 X 391 Dpi
  • Document Size (Min) - A5
  • Document Size (Max) - A4
  • Memory - 8MB
  • Grey Scale Levels - 256
  • Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial - 999
  • Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations) - 500
  • Finishing Output Capacity Max. - 280
  • Multi- Staple (sheets) Max. - 30
  • Saddle Stitch - No
  • Off-set Shifting - Yes
  • Hole Punch - No

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