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Toshiba e-STUDIO 3100c combines exceptional print quality and accurate colour reproduction to meet the demanding needs of colour-centric office environments and print professionals. Prints at 31ppm mono and 31ppm colour.

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Virtually every business needs colour today, but every user is different. Powerful and flexible colour systems for the higher volume office needs and the exacting demands of in-house print or Print On Demand production users, the new Toshiba colour managers offer the tailor-made answer to your specific needs. Print, Scan and Copy ? with high quality, high speed colour output. The new Colour Systems from Toshiba have everything your business needs to produce high impact professional colour documents. Advanced networking from Electronic For Imaging gives you access to all the finishing features on the Colour Systems right from your desktop ? whether you are producing a single page bulletin or a full colour booklet, the Colour Systems offer all the features you want and the speed and quality you expect.

High volume, high speed colour output through high level colour imaging technology
The sophisticated Toshiba Inline Colour Printing System achieves high speed colour output with efficiency, image stability and superb reliability. This remarkable technology involves the simultaneous rotation of four drums, rather than multiple rotations of one. This innovative approach leads to a significantly higher speed and higher performance. The Colour Systems also feature high speed DCIT (Dual Compression Imaging Technology), which compresses scanned colour images in two stages in order to maintain the highest possible image quality. This DCIT compression method works in combination with Electronic Sorting to achieve a significant increase in the processing speed of dense, heavy and complex colour data.

High document impact through excellent image quality
The new Colour Systems offer a number of advanced technologies and key features which maximise output quality and consistency when producing colour documents using both copy and print functions. A resolution of up to 9,600 dpi and a depth of 256 gradations per colour combined with exceptional sharpness through the use of image processing algorithms during copying and Toshiba unique image processing filter during printing, make the new Colour Systems the ideal choice for the production of high definition and lifelike images with superior detail. Accurate colour reproduction and natural looking images are achieved without any of the artificialness of some colour outputs thanks to the advanced toner, developer and drum. Toner particles are impregnated with a lubricant, reducing the amount of oil required for the fusing process. This results in crisp colour documents on which it is possible to write with a ballpoint or highlighting pen. Image stability is maintained during large print and copy runs by Toshiba?s image quality control system and optimising algorithm. This innovative Toshiba technology delivers one of the best, most accurate, colour reproductions. Various copy modes ensure optimum quality no matter what type the original document is. Text mode ensures that text is faithfully reproduced with unparalleled sharpness and clarity, whilst Text/Photo mode offers the perfect balance of quality for both text and graphics. Photo mode reproduces the continuous tones of photographs with a high level of sensitivity and Printed Image mode is specifically designed for the best re-production of printed materials. Map mode enhances the fine detail and very fine lines in order not to lose any nuance or information on mapping materials. The optional Al mode (Advanced Image) automatically distinguishes elements on a page containing many different types of images and selects the appropriate mode for each item on the page to assure an optimum quality for the entire image.

High productivity through the Electronic sorting and online finishing possibilities
The new Colour Systems range achieves effective processing for both copying and printing. To support higher levels of productivity, the "Scan Once / Copy many" capability enables fast scanning and copying with less noise and reduced energy consumption. In printing mode, the "Send once, RIP once / Print many" facility helps to increase the efficiency of the colour document production. The new Toshiba systems offer Electronic Sorting as standard. Electronic Sorting overcomes the limitations of conventional mechanical sorters. You are no more constrained by the number of bins. Continuous document sorting for large printing and copying jobs is now available to you. This is possible thanks to the Colour Systems standard HDD which allows you to scan multiple pages in one go and even start setting up the next job while the first is being completed. Such advanced memory copy capabilities also enable other useful functions such as n-in-1 copying. The addition of a finishing unit, incorporating the saddle stitch function, combined with the hole punch unit and the magazine sort capacity of the system, will convert your new Toshiba Colour System into a fully fledged colour document production in-house resource, capable for example of creating and finishing full colour magazines. The new Colour Systems range satisfies all your output needs with maximum efficiency, giving you greater versatility for the copying and printing of single and double sided documents.

Variety of paper sizes and media types
The capability to print on A3+ paper enables full A3 documents production, from edge to edge. This is ideal for large scale documents such as posters and catalogues. Paper versatility also extends beyond size and is capable of handling a variety of thick paper (up to 163 g/m2) from all paper sources and can reach up to 280 g/m2 via the bypass, which features a robust construction and improved paper guides to accommodate heavy media. Even better results can be achieved when producing OHP thanks to the incorporation of the highly developed toner. The incorporation of the belt fusing method reauiring less oil ensures the optimal fixation of toner. Additionally, areas of vivid colour can be produced while retaining a high level of transparency for the utmost in presentation quality. The new Colour Systems also incorporate a Waterproof Paper mode. Available only with Toshiba Colour Systems, this facility uses a specially designed paper which fits all applications where previously lamination would have been the only option. This exclusive Toshiba Waterproof paper enables the production of documents which are completely water and weatherproof. Thanks to its glossy property, this waterproof paper also enhances the level of image quality.

Network scanning functions
Scanning your documents is made easy with the new Colour Systems. Electronic data created can be accessed via many different applications and in various formats. With these scan applications, the new Colour Systems become the central hub of the colour document workflow. TWAIN scanning allows scanned data to be imported into TWAIN compliant applications such as Adobe Photoshop? and Adobe Acrobat?. The new Colour Systems also support Scan to Queue, allowing you to temporarily save scanned data in the HDD of the Fiery? Controller. Scanned data using this method is platform and application independent. Pages of the acquired document can be merged together with other pages (from other scanned or printed documents) to create brand new documents using DocBuilder?. Additionally, the new Colour Systems support Scan to Mailbox which allows data to be stored in the Fiery? Controller and accessed from any PC or Macintosh on the network. Scan to E-mail lets you scan documents and send them directly from the Colour Systems as attached file to an E-mail message. This function represents a very easy way to communicate paper documents in high quality colour at very low cost. Scan to I-Fax allows scanned data to be "faxed" using the internet thus reducing costs for long distance faxing. Scan to FTP allows scanned data to be transmitted directly to a directory in a FTP-Server, representing an additional way to share data in the company. Scan to Mailbox, Scan to E-mail and Scan to l-Fax support the conversion of files into TIFF, JPEG, and PDF formats. The different scan functions can be driven from the system control panel itself and take advantage of the 25 spm RADF (Reverse Automatic Document Feeder). Users will benefit from the intuitive user interface of the Toshiba model to operate scan jobs. In addition it is possible to register the settings of a specific scan job under a template button in order to easily recall these settings when the same scan job has to be operated again. Up to 1,000 of these templates are available on the Toshiba Colour systems in order to facilitate scan operations and help users save time.

Easy operation, User friendliness
Reliability and ease of use are of utmost importance for colour production systems. The Toshiba Colour models offer a wide touch screen providing an intuitive interface in order for new users to quickly get familiar with their new device. Toshiba users will immediately recognise their working environment and will be able to use these new models as soon as they have been installed. Ease of use in operation is extended into an equally user-friendly approach during routine maintenance. Productivity levels are maintained and downtime kept to a minimum thanks to the easy-change toner cartridge system that allows you to keep your hands clean!


  • Printing Process - Indirect electrostatic photographic method
  • Type -Console
  • Print & Copy Speed in colour - 3100c 31 ppm (A4); 2100c 21 ppm (A4)
  • Print & Copy Speed in b/w - 3100c 31 ppm (A4); 2100c 31 ppm (A4)
  • Original Scan Speed (col & b/w) - 25 spm
  • Copy Preselection - 1-999
  • First Copy Time (col & b/w) -Approx. 9.5 seconds (A4)
  • Warm-up Time - Approx. 240 seconds (20?C)
  • Printing Resolution / Gradation -600 x 600 dpi / 256 steps per process colour
  • Scanning Resolution / Gradation - 600 x 600 dpi / 1,024 steps (10 bit)
  • Original Size - Maximum A3
  • Print & Copy Paper Sizes -Cassette A3 to A5-R LCF A4 Bypass A3-wide (305 x 457 mm) to 100 x 148 mm
  • Print Void Area - Leading edge 5 mm, Trailing edge 2.5 mm, Side edges 2 mm
  • Paper Supply (80gsm) - Cassette 600 sheets x 2 (standard) Cassette 600 sheets x 2 (optional) LCF 1,500 sheets (optional) Stack Feed Bypass 130 sheets
  • Maximum Paper Online - 4,030 sheets (80 gsm)
  • Paper Weights - Cassette 64 ? 163 gsm LCF 64 ? 163 gsm Bypass 64 ? 280 gsm
  • Image Memory - 128 MB RAM 20 GB HDD Memory capacity 200 sheet (400 pages) A3 size + Print Controller Memory (optional)
  • Magnifications -25 ? 400% (1% increments) (up to 200% when using the RADF)
  • Density Control -Automatic/Manual (11 steps)
  • Power Requirements - Max 2.0kw, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - 868 x 750 x 997 mm
  • Weight - 187 kg
  • CPU - X3e+ Intel Mobile PIII @ 850 MHz S300 Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.0 GHz
  • Memory - X3e+ 256MB SDRAM x1 (Std), 512MB Max S300 256MB SDRAM x 1 (Std), 1GB Max
  • Operating System - X3e+ Linux S300 Windows XP
  • Standard Hardware - X3e+ 20GB HDD S300 60GB HDD internal CD/DVD ROM
  • Printer Languages - PCL6c, Adobe PostScript 3
  • Printer Drivers - Win98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 PPD for Mac OS 10.x
  • Networking/Connectivity -Autosensing ports RJ45 for on-board 10/100/BaseT/(1G BaseT with S300) X3e+ 10/100/BaseT (RJ45) S300 10/100/1G BaseT (RJ45) Auto IP configuration BOOTP, DHCP, RARP SNMP common Printer MIB AppleTalk PServer (8 connections) SMB LPD Port 9100 IPP (PS/PDF) 1.1 e-Mail Client e-Mail Print (PS/PDF)
  • Command WorkStation 4.1 -Win 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003
  • Command WorkStation LE -Mac 10.2.4 or later
  • Fiery FreeForm - Version 2.1
  • Fiery Scan -TWAIN Plug-in Scan to Mailbox Scan to E-mail Scan to Queue (for use with DocBuilder) Scan to I-Fax Scan to FTP Server
  • Fiery Downloader - For downloading PS/PDF/EPS files and fonts
  • Fiery Job Monitor - Dynamic system status reporting
  • Fiery WebTools - Remote management via std web browsers
  • Fiery ColorWise Pro Tools -Downloading and managing ICC sources, simulations and profiles Calibration with support for ColorCal, X-Rite DTP 32, DTP 41, ES-1000

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