Samsung phone dock printers

Charge, print and jam with Samsung’s phone dock printers

Samsung certainly seems intent on pushing the boundaries of what a printer is meant to be right now. After last week’s unveiling of ultra-efficient, ultra-sustainable ‘foldable’ printers inspired by the art of origami, here comes another series of forward thinking devices from the South Korean technology giant. At the upcoming IFA 2013 event in Berlin, two new designs will be exhibited with built in Smartphone docks, offering users a world of fast moving mobile printing and scanning.

Samsung Indie

 The two models are the Samsung Wave, a sleek ovoid machine designed for the stylish production of your mobile images, and the Samsung Indie, a chic, retro model that doubles as a high performance sound system as well as a printer. Both designs suggest Samsung’s long stated commitment to being the planet’s number one A4 laser printer and multifunctional photocopier brand by 2017 is a realistic one. Of all the major manufacturers, it’s the one that most regularly bags big headlines for envelope pushing machines.

Like the Samsung Origami, user friendliness, mobility and simplicity are at the centre of the design philosophy. The past decade has shown us that, rather than the paperless future that has been long predicted by pundits, the rise of email, mobile technology and the simplified sending and reception of digital files has, in fact, made printing more crucial than ever for both personal and business purposes. What has changed, however, is the type of documents we print and the way in which we print them.

Samsung One & One

Samsung is responding to these new demands with admirable swiftness and determination. As well as the Wave and Indie models, it is also unveiling the One & One mono laser printer at IFA, a device that allows you to add an extra colour to the standard black – either cyan, magenta or yellow. Again the focus is firmly on choice and user experience.

Before you get too excited by all this talk of cutting edge hardware, be aware that no prices, specific performance details or release dates have been confirmed for any of these models. That means there is a chance that these fascinating devices may never go into production, merely remaining as interesting designs or prototypes. Once we know more here at Digipro we will make sure to keep you updated, plus we'll be keeping you informed about all the big announcements from IFA when it wraps at the end of the week.