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MFD – Multifunctional devices

Posted on January 14th, 2013 · Posted in Information

MFD is the acronym for Multifunctional Devices, digital business equipment that brings together all document handling requirements of a modern office onto a single platform. These machines, often referred to as multifunctional photocopiers or multifunctional printers, are capable of printing, scanning and copying, while optional extras such as faxing are often available too. As such models centralise all the data needs of a business, they reduce your hardware footprint and your carbon footprint, freeing up space in your office and cash in your budget.

These machines are available in both colour and mono copier versions, with sizes and page per minute speeds to suit all workflows. At the top end large production MFDs can deliver incredible speeds of around 135 pages per minute which, when coupled with double sided printing, means a 270 page document can be sitting in the out tray in a mere minute. At the smaller end of the scale desktop photocopiers are available with reliable speeds of around 30 pages per minute.

If you are looking to run a proficient and efficient office there it is simply essential that you add an MFD to your network. As well as being cost effective, they are the most secure way to move your information throughout your business’ network. World class safety solutions such as role based access and department IDs can be equipped, allowing office administrators to monitor how their machine and its contents are being used. Data overwrite and file encryption are also widely available, making sure even determined hackers cannot read the contents of your hard drive.

Every one of the big name photocopier brands now specialises in MFDs. Ricoh produces the Aficio line, Canon the imageRUNNER ADVANCE range and Toshiba the e-STUDIO copiers. All of these manufacturers create magnificent machines, with incredible variety on their ranges. Here at Digipro, these models can be snapped up for a tiny fraction of the price you will be charged both on the high street and from other online dealers in the UK and beyond.

So if you want to bring the power of a multifunctional photocopier to your system, then call our team of friendly experts today. They will take the time to find the perfect MFD for your working practices.