Ricoh MP C6003

More ground breaking Ricoh colour photocopiers

Great news for fans of world class hardware and innovations in printing from America this week: Ricoh Americas Corporation has announced a new series of exciting MFPs. For years now the Ricoh Aficio range has been at the forefront of the data and document hardware market, with pioneering machine after pioneering machine hitting the shelves and boasting the brand name. These new colour copiers look set to take the brilliance of the Aficio range to the next level, with a range of extraordinary specifications and features.

The five new members of the Ricoh family are the Ricoh MP C3003, Ricoh MP C3503, Ricoh MP C4503Ricoh MP C5503 and Ricoh MP C6003. As well as page delivery speeds of between 30 and 60 pages per minute, these models boast a list of extraordinary benefits and powerful performance features, perfect for the modern workplace.

Cloud Connectivity

One of the most important things for any office that wants to stay ahead of the curve in the era of Big Data is cloud connectivity. As cloud services become more and more important for the scanning and sharing of crucial business information, the ability to use these platforms effectively becomes essential. With the magnificent Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (or Ricoh ICE) software available as an option on this new series, you can rest assured you will have the power to move your data with all the efficiency offered by the cloud.

Magnificent Control System

Ricoh has always been known for releasing products that are as accessible as possible to the widest audience of end users. With an optional Smart Operation Panel that boasts a sleek, intuitive 10.1 inch diagonal LED screen, these new models are brilliantly approachable and customisable. Anybody who has used a tablet or smart phone will be familiar with the simplified touch screen display, while even those with no touch screen experience will pick it up in minutes.

Quality across the board

These five MFDs boast some of the best image qualities in their classes, with professional grading as standard. The excellence of the imagery remains stable and consistent throughout ownership, thanks to some truly world class print technology.

Real compact size

If you want to optimise the space in your workplace then picking one of these photocopiers is highly recommended. The paper path has been entirely redesigned, shrinking the dimensions by a startling 11% on preceding models from the same line.

These newest additions to the Ricoh MFD family prove that, once again, this technology giant is pushing the boundaries in the print hardware industry. As you would imagine, we have all of them on our catalogue here at Digipro at prices way below those charged by other photocopier suppliers. Ricoh and Digipro: a winning combination for any smart office looking for efficient document and data movement.