Toner reusing Toshiba photocopier

Revolutionary Toshiba photocopier reuses own printed paper

Toshiba Tec (via just released a short presentation about their latest photocopier idea which will be able to print, make toner magically disappear and then successfully reprint the same sheet of paper up to a maximum of five times.

The whole concept is being currently tested and works using a special blend of blueToshiba ink. While previous incarnations tried to salvage the actual ink, Toshiba focused on the possibility of recycling printed paper repeatedly. The idea is quite simple and relies of the particularity of this Toshiba toner to become almost invisible upon heating. Think James Bond here, but instead of heating up the paper to see a message, you do the exact same to make it disappear. It is bound to become a smash hit among international spies who can finally say goodbye to self destructing tape messages.

Introducing the Green Office version 2.0
This technology has yet to be perfected for standard black and white printing, so it will take some time before witnessing the rather tricky transition to full colour printing. However, it is certain that the price per copy will decrease significantly, a move bound to be very forgiving on a good number of trees.  The fundamental change in the whole digital office scheme dubs this new printing method as the beginning of the Green Office 2.0.

The now invisible ink leaves a low enough signature that is noticeable upon closer inspection, yet faint enough for successful reprinting.  While this may not be suitable for sensitive information, it is a definite step forward for regular office use. The Toshiba photocopier can automatically save document copies when reprocessing paper, not only a great archiving solution, but also a great safety measure to ensure no data is lost by accident.

There is no need to manually separate reusable printed material since all printed paper can be easily used again. Individual paper sheets are bound to give in after 5 successive prints on either side. The good news is that Toshiba printers do not have any paper quality restrictions so you can skip purchasing expensive reusable paper. The technology works on Toshiba's patented toner so there is a real possibility that other manufacturers will start developing compatible photocopiers using the same principle.The photocopier is expected to be widely available in late 2012.