Sharpdesk Mobile Phone remote photocopier use

Turn your iPhone into a powerful pocket size photocopier

Sharp photocopiers are known for reliability and excellent print quality even during heavy usage. Witness the new Sharpdesk Mobile app which allows users to print and scan directly from their mobile phones, effectively linking fashionable iPads and iPhones with the utility of Sharp copiers. The app is available now, free on Apple app store.

So what can you do with your new toy? Most notably Sharpdesk Mobile allows users to synchronise the document feed with that of your multifunction printer. Not only can you print documents or pictures stored locally on the mobile phone, but also receive scanned documents directly from the photocopier. Just imagine sending emails with recently scanned attachments that traveled quite a way in digital space before reaching your hand held device. This process is as seamless as possible and requires no technical know-how whatsoever.  Sharpdesk Mobile works with both Wi-Fi and internet connections for a simple and accessible way of sending and receiving documents from a remote photocopier.

While the concept of cloud printing ceased to be news, such technological achievements keep pushing the boundaries of possibility even further. Theory says that any internet enabled device can use the latest generation of photocopiers remotely. Yet we see a long and demanding journey from implementing this feature with high end copiers, to acknowledging widespread use. Whereas this could have been done with enterprise level software and generous assistance from the technical support department, a widely available smart phone app significantly simplifies the whole process. Sharpdesk Mobile takes the first step in improving this relationship empowering mobile to pocket size photocopier dimensions.

Last generation Sharp copiers are already supporting these features. Users will have no compatibility problems with Sharp MX-2310, MX-3111, MX-2610, MX-3110, MX-3610, MX-4112 and MX-5112.